New Calcipotriol EP Impurities A, C, D, F, and I

Acanthus Research Inc. has expanded its offering of Calcipotriol EP Impurities (A, C, D, F and I). Click here to view the structures. Each impurity standard is accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis. Coming soon are Calcipotriol EP Impurities G & H.

Calcipotriol  (Calcipotriene), a derivative of calcitriol (vitamin D), is a drug used to treat  psoriatic skin conditions. It is marketed as Dovonex, Daivonex, and Psorcutan.

The list of all our calcipotriol related reference standards can be viewed in our on-line catalogue.

Catalogue No CCT-15-001, Calcipotriol EP Impurity I

Catalogue No CCT-14-004, Calcipotriol EP Impurity C

Catalogue No CCT-14-003, Calcipotriol EP Impurity A

Catalogue No CCT-14-002, Calcipotriol EP Impurity D

Catalogue No CCT-14-001, Calcipotriol EP Impurity F