Recently Added Compounds (Ecopipam Certified Reference Standards)

Below are the highlights of products added in May 2019. All products are fully certified with detailed certificates of analysis.

Ecopipam-13C6 (racemic) as HCl; Catalogue No. E-90426-01

Ecopipam Desmethyl 13C6 (racemic) as HCl; Catalogue No. E-90426-02

Ecopipam-13CD3; Catalogue No. E-90116-02

Ecopipam-13C6; Catalogue No. E-90116-01

Ecopipam Desmethyl 13C6; Catalogue No. E-90116-04

Ecopipam Desmethyl; Catalogue No. E-90116-03

Ecopipam; Catalogue No. E-90116-05