New Products

Acanthus Research Inc. (ARI) is a leading Canadian company developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical reference standards. Our team of experienced scientists is adding new products to our portfolio every month.

Below are the highlights of products added in March 2021. All products are fully certified with detailed certificates of analysis.


T-10212-01, Trans-Terpin

O-10208-02, Olanzapine Related Compound C

C-01006-05, Crisaborole Impurity E

C-01006-01, Crisaborole Impurity A

C-01006-04, Crisaborole Impurity D

E-01006-01, Emtricitabine Enantiomer

FCD-00927-01, 3-Octadecene

P-00921-01, Calcium Pantothenate Impurity B

P-00921-03, Calcium Pantothenate Impurity H

A-00710-01, Acyclovir Impurity O

T-00702-01, Terbinafine HCl Impurity

F-00609-01, Fusidic Acid Polymorph I Certified Reference Standard

T-00131-01, 1,2-Dihydrotriamcinolone

P-00121-01, 2,6-Diaminopurine-15N4,13C

D-91223-02, Doxepin Related Compound B

ACA-160929-0001, 9-cis-13,14-dihydro Retinoic Acid

E-90801-04, Edaravone Sulfate

L-91101-1, (S)-a-Lipoic Acid Tromethamine Salt

B-90918-07, Betamethasone-17-Propionate

D-90828-01, Dantrolene-d4

LIN-16-002, 7-epi-Lincomycin 2-Phosphate

E-01123-01, Δ-9,11-Estradiol-D3

L-01103-01, Lamivudine Enantiomer

E-90304-01, Efinaconazole Vinyl Impurity